A closer look at rug weaving

Bhajana incorporates both traditional handwoven looms and modern techniques such as cutting-edge robo tufting and knitting. Our commitment to preserving the essence of handmade craftsmanship, combined with our embrace of technological advancements, distinguishes us as a leader in the industry.

Hand Tufting

Hand-tuffed carpet weaving involves a process where yarn is punched into a pre-drawn backing fabric using a hand-operated tool, creating a plush pile surface, allowing for efficient production of carpets with various patterns and designs.

Pitloom and Frame looms

Pitlooms are specialized looms used for weaving rugs, where the weaver sits and controls the tension of the warp threads while manually interlacing the weft threads, allowing for precise and intricate rug weaving.


Traditional wooden loom operated by hand, where warp and weft threads are carefully woven together to create intricate patterns and designs, resulting in unique rugs.

Machine Tufting

The weaver  follows the design printed on canvas and operates the machine needles along the pattern. Each insertion of needle results in loop or cut on the other side of the cloth.

Robo Tufting

Harnessing the power of robotic technology, we have revolutionized the tufting process, ensuring the production of carpets that not only create sumptuous piles and intricate designs with unrivaled accuracy but also exhibit uncompromising quality.

Circular Knitting

Unlike traditional woven or tufted carpets, knitted carpets are created through a continuous loop or cut pile, forming a seamless look.