Bringing finest of home fashion from India crafted by skillful hands

Discover the epitome of artistic mastery, design excellence, and refined craftsmanship in every rug

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Since 1993, Bhajana Home Decor has offered customers the opportunity to adore homes around the globe with rugs and other modern floor coverings made using technqiues like handtufting, and hadnlooms.

Global reach

Feel confident with company that has partnered with leading home fashion retailers.

25+ Years

Crafting rugs for over 25 years, our expertise weaving timeless elegance into every thread

Hand crafted products

Contribute to the centuries old Indian art of hand made products

Designer Carpets

Discover spaces with elegant range of designer carpets and rugs

Innovative at heart

Pushing the boundaries of design possibilities, with latest technology like robo tufting

Our Certifications

All our policies ensure products are ethically manufactured and conform to international standards.

Impeccable Artisanship

Meticulously hand-woven rugs from skilled artisans who have mastered the art, through generations
Weaving Techniques

Product Ranges

Explore the wide range of our products we offer.

Discover the essence of India's crafts through our exquisite rugs, seamlessly blending transformative beauty of global cultural influences. Explore now and embrace the legacy of craftsmanship.

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Find all our newly added collection in one place

Transforming Spaces with Sustainibilty

At Bhajana, we are dedicated to the curation of an assortment of rugs, exemplifying our commitment to the transmutative potential of repurposed resources and natural fibers.
- rPET Yarn
- Natural Jute
- RWS Certified Wool
- Organic Cotton

By the numbers

Motivated in building the success that we can look back on!






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Streamlined Sourcing

Solving problems, faced while importing home textiles from India

Bulk Orders

Always ready to work on projects with favorable MOQs for all customers.

Design intent

Stay updated on latest trends and practices in home fashion

Delayed deliveries

PPCs, at all satges allows us to effectively allocate resources, for each project.

Ready to elevate your next project?

Artisanal Touch

Style meets sustainability

Inspired by global trends

Experience seamless sourcing & more!

- Aligning with sustainbilty
- Exclusive Designs
- Customizable Programs

Now experience, in AR

Gearing up for the new normal

We are building the app that uses the power of AR (Augmented Realty), giving a feeling of immersion.

Simply use your phones or tablets to view our latest rugs and carpet collections live at your convince safely.

Coming soon !! 😎

AR powered Rugs and Carpets Collection